Want to add a BASIC Takedown System to Your Grappling Game?


Then this SIMPLE & Beginner Friendly Single Leg Takedown Instructional is a great place to start!

When I first started Wrestling, I was 13 years old and knew absolutely nothing about the sport or takedowns.


With that being said I was lucky enough to have a Wrestling coach who kept my training SIMPLE & PRECISE from the beginning.


One of the first takedowns I learned was the "Single Leg Takedown" and it's been a staple of my game ever since.


This takedown is as it says: A takedown that utilizes two of your hands to tackle one of your opponent's legs in order to get on top in Wrestling, Jiu-Jitsu, MMA, or any other form of Martial Arts that allows Leg Tackles.


Understanding how to attack your opponent's legs adds so much more to your game.


To repeat the famous saying by Dean Lister & John Danaher in a slightly different context:


"Why would you Ignore 50% of the Human Body?"


Having the ability to attack your opponent's lower body with Single Legs will benefit your Takedown Game and overall Grappling immensely.


The Best Part?


Single Legs are SIMPLE and easy to learn.


Of course, I'm not selling you some magical bullsh** - It's going to take time for you to develop your Single Leg, but this instructional is going to help speed that process up quite a bit if you're disciplined enough to use the knowledge you learn from it.


When you get this instructional you WILL fail a lot at first. But, if you're patient & disciplined, then over time, you'll become a beast at the Single Leg Takedown and start winning more Grappling matches on the feet!




You're going to learn the fundamentals of setting up and finishing a Single Leg Takedown from the feet.


You will learn how to finish the Single Leg Takedown from a Whizzer (low), from a Split Leg (mid), and a High Level (high) position.


You will learn how to apply Single Leg Takedowns with Submission Prevention in mind.


In this Instructional you will find:


  • 5 BASIC Single Leg Takedown Set Ups/Entries with¬†IN-DEPTH Explanations and live examples.¬†¬†¬†¬†


  • 14 FUNDAMENTAL Single Leg Takedown Finishes for Beginners and Grapplers of ALL LEVELS.¬†


  • A Single Leg Instructional designed¬†SPECIFICALLY FOR SUBMISSION GRAPPLERS¬†and beginners to the Takedown Game.¬†


  • NO BS FILLER¬†CONTENT.¬†This instructional gets straight to the point without being full of FILLER techniques that don't work. What I show here WORKS and I didn't add any BS to lengthen the Course. Quality technique over¬†TRASH Quantity.¬†


  • Well Segmented and Organized Techniques.¬†My #1 Goal with this Instructional was to provide the MAXIMUM QUALITY of technique in combination with MAXIMUM REPLAYABILITY. This way you don't have to look through HOURS of filler technique before you find what you're looking for. You'll be able to log on whenever you want and find the EXACT technique you were looking for in SECONDS!


If you're looking for an instructional that really sticks to its guns and is focused on making you great at one thing, The Single Leg Takedown, then this is the right one for you.


While planning to film, the goal was to help each and every one of you truly become a MASTER of HIGH PERCENTAGE Single Leg takedown techniques. This so that you are able to effectively hit them in competitions, regardless of your grappling experience.


IF you’re ready to make a COMMITMENT to your Grappling success, then CLICK the button BELOW and start leveling up your Single Leg takedown game NOW!