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Save 39% Right Now on My Dominate The Handfight Instructional. Want to get more takedowns? Learn how to get past your opponent's head-hands-hips defense, so that you can GET MORE TAKEDOWNS.

You'll get 21 in depth hand fighting technique videos (Outlining specific techniques I utilized to win 3 National titles and currently use to dominate the hand fight in BJJ.)

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All The Single Legs: Put Your Hands Up For The Best Single Leg Takedown Instructional

If you're NEW to the Takedown game, or just want to level up your game on the feet, then this Instructional is for YOU!


In this Instructional I'll teach you the most BASIC & EFFECTIVE finishes and setups for the Single Leg Takedown In BOTH Wrestling & No-Gi BJJ.




These are specifically modified and taught for Submission Grappling and require ZERO WRESTLING EXPERIENCE to start drilling TODAY!


What you'll get:

  • 5 BASIC & SAFE Single Leg Takedown Set Ups with IN-DEPTH Explanations and live examples.    


  • 14 Different FUNDAMENTAL & EFFECTIVE Single Leg Takedown Finishes for Beginners and Grapplers of ALL LEVELS. 


  • A Single Leg Course designed SPECIFICALLY FOR SUBMISSION GRAPPLERS and beginners to the Takedown Game. 


  • BASIC Techniques that have led me to 3 College Wrestling National Titles, 4 College Wrestling All-American Honors, and A IBJJF No-Gi World Gold Medal.


  • NO BS FILLER CONTENT. This instructional gets straight to the point without filling up time for absolutely NO REASON. What I show here WORKS and I didn't add any BS to lengthen the Course. Quality technique over TRASH Quantity. 


  • Well Segmented and Organized Techniques. My #1 Goal with this Instructional was to provide the MAXIMUM QUALITY of technique in combination with MAXIMUM REPLAYABILITY. This way you don't have to look through HOURS of filler technique before you find what you're looking for. You'll be able to log on whenever you want and find the EXACT technique you were looking for in SECONDS!