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 Dominate the Hand Fight


Learn specific hand fighting techniques to control position on the feet and score takedowns.

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Wrestling for Dummies:

Solo Drills


This course focuses on solo drills that will help you master fundamental wrestling movements, build up your cardio on the feet, and become a more confident grappler WITHOUT a partner.

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High Percentage Takedowns for BJJ


The takedowns shown here are the takedowns that I believe to be extremely effective and applicable to Submission grappling. These focus on a LOW-RISK approach to takedowns in aims to avoid submission counters.

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Takedowns for Older Grapplers


This course focuses on KNEE FRIENDLY takedowns from the Underhook. There are no SHOTS or PENETRATION STEPS in this instructional. So, if you have bad knees, this is for you. 

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Heavy Hand Fighting: a Systematic Approach to Collar Ties


This is my second hand fighting instructional and puts a heavy focus on using the Collar Tie to Gas your opponents out and create scoring opportunities on the feet.

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All the Single Legs: The Best Single Leg Takedown Instructional


This is a beginner's intro course to one of the most effective takedowns in grappling - the Single Leg.

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Conquering the Top Game


This course is focused on folkstyle wrestling techniques from the position we call "top riding". You will learn how to ride a opponent from turtle/base, return them to the mat if they stand up, and explore common pinning positions from Folkstyle Wrestling that can also be useful for Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu or MMA.

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12 Week National Champ Workout Program 


The strength & conditioning program that I used in order to win 3 college wrestling National Titles that works well for building a great cardio and muscular base/endurance for all forms of grappling.

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“Easily one of the best seminars I’ve ever been a part of. Brandon’s attention to detail is second to none, he works amazingly with children as well. The techniques he shows are simple, super effective, and he doesn’t throw a million things at you. He gave us a few drills that were awesome and actually let us get reps in, I easily got 40-50 reps of ea. Technique. Plus, unlike just about every seminar I’ve ever been to with “high level” guys he actually trained with us. We will be having him back at my school many more times!"

Somerset Martial Arts Head Coach
Ian Lawler

“Through trial and experience, I’ve found that most high-level athletes aren’t automatically good at coaching. They can do but cannot teach. This is absolutely NOT the case with Coach Reed. He is able to effectively gauge the skill level of his student. Develop appropriate and specific training curriculum and most importantly effectively pass this information to his student. Coach Reed is not only an exceptional athlete he’s an exceptional, vibrant, and creative coach.”

Parent of Private Lessons Student
J.C Cantrell