Want to learn HIGH PERCENTAGE takedowns for Jiu-Jitsu??


Well, if you're on this page, then you probably do and that means this instructional is for you!


In this course I'll breakdown my favorite takedowns in BJJ for ALL LEVELS.


You won't find any fancy double legs or cartwheel passes in this course, but you know what you will find?


Yep, you guessed it...




This course was designed to help unathletic BJJ athletes learn fundamental takedowns that DO NOT require you to shoot or expose your neck in the process of scoring for BJJ.


The thing that separates this course from many other "takedown for BJJ" courses is that I actually use the techniques in high level BJJ competitions and wrestling comps.


My students at DCMMA, and all-around the USA, who have bought this course or worked with me through Camps/Privates/Seminars also have shown progress with these techniques.


I teach what works and throw out the rest.


What you DO NOT need before starting this course:


❌ Wrestling Experience (Day 1 grappler friendly. ZERO past Wrestling or BJJ experienced required to start)


❌ Good Knees (This is both a joke and not one. NONE of these takedowns require you to constantly smash your knees in the ground. So, if you have had knee surgeries or bad knees like me, then this course is perfect for you)



So, now that you have no excuse NOT to start, what can you expect to learn in this course? 


✅ 33 in-depth takedown technique videos 

✅ 10 Ducker Under Attacks

✅ 4 Underhook Attacks

✅ 4 Slide by Variations

✅ 5 Russian-Tie Attacks

✅ 6 Front Headlock Attacks

✅ 4 Arm Drag Attacks.

✅ A game-changing way to approach your takedown game while grappling. 

✅ Delivered Instantly via digital video.


With all that being said, if you'd like to suck a little less at takedowns and get a little better at grappling, then CLICK THE BUTTON BELOW