Would you like to score more takedowns & control your opponents on the feet?



. . .



Please note that the results I achieved aren't normal and it will be very difficult to get to this level. But I'm not saying you can't do it, or even that you can't do it much better than me.


that's the goal! That's why I created this instructional and why I want to share it with you.


I was fortunate enough to find the passion in me to watch those videos, to do those lessons, and to put the extra work it took into becoming a high-level hand fighter and takedown artist FOR A LONG TIME (10 years to be exact)


And over the past 10 years have developed a thorough and in-depth knowledge of Hand Fighting as a result.


But most people who buy a BJJ or Wrestling Instructional do just that, they buy it. But very few people take the time to really embrace their investment and put the time on the mat to actually acquire the skills in a course.




Hand fighting is our ability to use pushes, pulls, fakes, and different control grips in order to manufacture specific reactions and counter-reactions from our opponents. We then use said reactions & counter reactions to create scoring opportunities on the feet.


At the same time, Hand Fighting is a great tool to exhaust our opponents.


Understanding how to hand fight is understanding how to take the match where you want it when you're on the feet or on the ground.


Without good hand fighting, before your takedowns, you risk being: countered, stuffed, or even SUBMITTED if you're doing BJJ.


All good Wrestlers have developed a hand-fighting system that leads to low-risk & high reward takedowns, while also draining the energy of their opponents.


This course is a NO BS Approach to the fundamentals of hand-fighting, that you will NEED, in order to DOMINATE the hand fight and level up your Takedown game for Wrestling & BJJ.




The difference between someone who has a basic understanding of hand fighting and someone who does not is this:


The hand fighter can create opportunities that opponents can't see. The grappler without a basic understanding of hand fighting is the same as a person showing their cards in Vegas. No matter how bad you want to score a takedown, skilled opposition will know exactly what you plan to do if you can't hand fight.


Hand fighting will take an obvious attack and disguise it. It's not about brute force, it's about control, manipulation, and finesse as it leads to takedowns.


Knowing a Double Leg or Single Leg takedown means NOTHING if you can't even get to the leg. This is why you need to learn how to hand fight.


But what do I know and who the hell am I? 


 My name is Brandon Reed & I am a:


2024 ADCC Worlds Invitee (99+ kg)

3x NAIA College Wrestling National Champion (USA)

ADCC West Coast Trials Bronze Medalist (North America)

4x College Wrestling All-American
Flo Nationals All-American
Fargo Freestyle All-American
Fargo Greco Roman All-American
IBJJF No-Gi World Champion
3x IBJJF No-Gi World Medalist
ADCC Open Champion



I mention my accolades because people often don't trust someone who hasn't achieved anything. However, some of the best coaches I've had didn't have any medals.


My goal is to help you or your students become as successful as I have been, or even more.


This instructional will provide you with a basic understanding of the stand-up game, so that you won't feel as lost on your feet as I did when I first started grappling years ago.


I began wrestling in 2013 after being rejected by the high school football team. However, even in my first few years, I struggled to see any real success.


I wasn't naturally athletic, fast, or gifted, and my technique wasn't great either.


I never won anything.


In 2015, I started attending more wrestling clubs, taking private lessons, and watching more takedown artists on YouTube, such as Kyle Snyder, Jake Varner, and Cael Sanderson. I began to dive into it, and one thing they all did well, and that I wanted to get good at, was hand fighting.


I dedicated myself to becoming a better hand fighter.


I watched footage, studied technique, competed at national tournaments, and with a lot of trial and error, I improved significantly. I was able to do what only five other Kentuckians had done in history: I placed at Fargo Junior Nationals.


I went on to receive a scholarship, wrestle in college, become a three-time national wrestling champion, and a four-time All-American. All of this was because I watched some YouTube videos and practiced the techniques I saw from 2015 until 2021, when I won my last collegiate wrestling championship.


Learning how to hand fight changed my game completely, and over the last few years, since I retired from wrestling, I've continued to develop my hand fighting for myself as I train and compete in BJJ and teach it to my students.


Today, I'm sharing that same system with you, hoping that it will add as much to your game as it has to mine in a much shorter time span.


Your results may never be exactly the same as mine or someone else's.


But they will be a reflection of the work you decide to put into these techniques on the mat.


So, if you're not willing to put the time and effort into mastering these on the mats, then please DO NOT GET THIS INSTRUCTIONAL




You're going to learn the fundamental and highly effective Hand Fighting techniques that lead you to scoring takedowns on GOOD opponents.


There won't be any BS, no filler, no 6 hours of BLAH, BLAH, BLAH.


This series is precise, easy follow, it's easy to track progress, and easy to rewatch.


I've laid the series out in levels, from the simplest techniques & concepts to the more advance ones (on top of featuring FREE BONUS CONTENT from my Seminars)


You can rewatch individual techniques at any time with 1 click, allowing you to develop your hand fighting game at YOUR OWN PACE... 




OfCourse you're going to learn some cool hand fighting techniques!


But Hand fighting, and this course, are more than just step-by-step moves.


It's the foundation of Wrestling.


It's understanding how to control your opponent's body, make them move how you want, and wear them down over a consistent period of time so that they are EASY to take down.


In my time I've beaten better and bigger Wrestlers because I've been able to out hand fight them.


No Joke.


I beat a man 50lbs larger than me in the 2020 National Finals (who also had 8 years of Wrestling experience on me) and it's because I constantly controlled the hand fight which led to the OT takedown and my 2nd National Championship Gold Medal.

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