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You'll get 21 in depth hand fighting technique videos (Outlining specific techniques I utilized to win 3 National titles and currently use to dominate the hand fight in BJJ.)

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A Systematic Approach to Underhook Takedowns Without Destroying Your Knees

Want to learn takedowns while practicing BJJ, but don't want to absolutely DESTROY your Knees & Back in the process?

Then this is the instructional for YOU!

What you'll get:

  • 27 Knee friendly technique videos that DO NOT require you take a Single Shot on the mats 
  • FREE BONUS: 20-minute Q&A with an Older Black Belt who loves Wrestling & shares how he manages to practice takedowns SAFELY & Consistently as an Older Grappler
  • 1080P Instructional Videos
  • Rewatchable & Digestible technique
  • Powerful techniques that work REGARDLESS of your age
  • Quizzes at the end of each module to make sure you retain the technique BEFORE you move on to the next module
  • Access to Future Content!