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You'll get 21 in depth hand fighting technique videos (Outlining specific techniques I utilized to win 3 National titles and currently use to dominate the hand fight in BJJ.)

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Wrestling For Dummies : Solo Drills

Are you new to the takedown game?


Do you want to MASTER the fundamental movements that will make you a legit threat on the feet in Wrestling & BJJ?




What are the benefits of this course?

  • You WILL master 15 fundamental Wrestling drills that will SKYROCKET your overall grappling game.


  • You WILL Develop a Grappling based training system you can do by YOURSELF!


  • You WILL Build the CONFIDENCE & CONDITIONING to start drilling takedowns & takedown defense with a partner and in competition.


  • You WILL Build Grappling specific cardio.


What will you need for this course?

  • A Wrestling/BJJ Mat
  • A Yoga Ball
  • A Medicine Ball