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Duck Unders: The Slickest Way to Take the Back Fast

What you will get:


Instructional Length: 1 Hour Long (NO BS - NO FILLER CONTENT - I VALUE YOUR TIME)


Individual Videos for each technique ranging from 2-6 minutes long - Live Examples (Live Speed & Slow Motion with multiple angles)



Duck Under Entries & Conditions

This section will focus on getting into the Duck Under & the conditions necessary to finish them properly. There are 16 total Entries/Set Ups. Here are the techniques in this section: Video Length Noted in (0min 00sec)

  • Making Connections (1min 13 sec)
  • The Ideal Conditions for a Duck Under (2min 10sec)
  • Creating the Ideal Conditions for the Duck Under (3min 35sec)
  • Collar & Mercy Grip Duck (3min 7sec)
  • Double Mercy Grip Duck (2min)
  • Collar & Pro-Active Wrist Grip Duck (1min 58sec)
  • Collar & Counter Wrist Grip Duck (1min 50sec)
  • Hair Comb Duck (2min 5sec)
  • Collar & Bicep Tie Duck (2min 16 sec)
  • Collar & Elbow Tie Duck (1min 48sec)
  • Double Bicep Tie Duck (2min)
  • Bicep & Elbow Duck (1min 56sec)
  • Double Elbow Tie Duck (2min 19sec)
  • Underhook Near Side Duck (2min 29sec)
  • Underhook Far Side Duck (2min)
  • Elbow Pass Far Side Duck (2min 27sec)
  • Elbow Pass Near Side Duck (2min 31sec)
  • OG Super Duck (2min 49sec)
  • Wrist Roll Super Duck (2min 23 sec)



Rear Bodylock Finishes

This section will focus on finishing the Duck Under once you've came up to the back. Section 1 assumes the Duck Under finishes on the ground. Section 2 focuses on getting your opponent from a standing to bottom position if they do not sprawl. Here is a list of those finishes. Video Length Noted in (0min 00sec)

  • Lift & Return (3min 11sec)
  • Ankle Bite (3min 5 sec)
  • Back Trip (2min 42sec)
  • Knee Shovel (3min 14sec)
  • Foot Sweep (2min 10sec)



Match Breakdowns

In this section I will breakdown live matches where you will see me hitting Duck Unders. This will be a compilation of 20+ matches where I breakdown (voice over) the minute or so before I hit a Duck Under, just so you can understand the conceptual side of setting these Takedowns up.